What Is Industrial Contracting?

Industrial contracting is the business of engineering, planning, and executing the installation, maintenance, repair, and relocation of heavy manufacturing equipment and/or structures. Although heavy industrial construction is its own unique industry, many people still confuse it with general contracting/construction. 

Industrial Contracting Versus General Contracting

While there is some overlap between heavy industrial and general contracting, they couldn’t be more different. 

General contractors typically construct buildings for residential property owners, commercial property owners, municipalities, and educational institutions. Comparatively, heavy industrial contractors design and build new structures for manufacturers and industrial facilities.

Heavy industrial contracting involves some combination of heavy rigging, millwrighting, steel erection, machinery installations, and maintenance. In contrast, general construction will involve designing, building, and/or remodeling a structure, including the systems within that structure.

Generally, the permit and licensing process for industrial projects is more complicated when compared to general contracting. Lastly, although both projects involve designing, engineering, and building new structures, industrial jobs will always involve transporting and installing heavy equipment and machinery. 

Examples of Heavy Industrial Industries

Oil and gas, steel production facilities, mining, aerospace, defense/military, and general manufacturing are all industries that rely on heavy industrial contracting.

A heavy industrial contractor also specializes in managing public infrastructure projects, including the construction of:

Preventative Maintenance in a Construction Site
  • Ports
  • Dams
  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Airports
  • Rail Lines
  • Subways
  • Reservoirs
  • Waterways

A heavy industrial contractor may also construct unusually complex commercial and residential structures, especially in cases with atypical geological considerations, like extreme slopes or landscapes that are likely to experience sinkholes, soil liquefaction, rockfalls, or landslides.

IICC’s Industrial Contracting Capabilities

IICC is a heavy industrial contracting company that specializes in small-to-large-scale construction projects. We offer a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Rigging Services: We specialize in equipment dismantling and relocation, emergency asset recovery, crane services, installation and commissioning, warehousing and storage, and engineered rigging plans.
  • Millwright Services: Our professional millwrights can level, align, and install turbines, generators, electric motors, conveyor systems, crushers, hoppers, dumpers, and so much more.
  • Steel Services: Our certified welders and ironworkers specialize in the procurement and construction of pre-engineered metal buildings, detailing and fabrication, and structural repairs and reinforcements.
  • Machinery Installations: Our specialists can successfully install all types of machinery and equipment. IICC also specializes in retooling, plant relocations, conveyor installations, and automatic robotic assembly equipment installations.
  • Maintenance & Repairs: Our dedicated managers, welders, riggers, ironworkers, millwrights, operators, and laborers work together to deliver emergency industrial maintenance and repair services for turbines, process and facility equipment, conveyors, and more.

Advantages of Working With an Industrial Contractor

First, industrial construction jobs can be incredibly dangerous to execute. It also takes a lot of time and effort to plan and execute—one misstep can result in project delays and budget overruns. Working with a professional helps mitigate these risks. A professional company can also reduce overall project time by centralizing communications and processes and working with multiple service providers. Lastly, a professional can walk you through the planning process to help prevent damage to equipment and machinery, equipment loss, and bottlenecks. 

Let IICC Handle Your Next Heavy Industrial Construction Project

For over 60 years, IICC has helped industrial companies plan and successfully complete heavy industrial construction projects. You can trust our dedicated team for detailed planning, project safety, and time sensitivity. Visit our website to learn more about our past projects, or contact us today to get started with a project consultation.