Rigging Services

Rigging Services

Available throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada, our rigging services are safety focused before anything else. The safe delivery of your valuable equipment is our top priority. No matter how big the job is, we can get it done with top speed and efficiency. We also offer pre-task planning throughout the project as well as customized engineered lift plans for each
critical lift.

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Safe Installation Services

We’ve spent over 60 years dedicated to advancing the industrial contracting industry. During our decades of commitment, we’ve invested thousands of hours certifying all of our expert riggers—all of which are also union-trained—to ensure our staff is up-to-date on the latest safety and educational offerings. We’re proud to be one of the largest owned rigging fleets in the country, offering various cranes, forklifts, gantry systems, and aerial lifts.

In-House Relocation Services

No job is too big or too small for our team! International is a full-service machinery/equipment moving company with in-house relocation expertise. Whether we are moving a heavy piece of equipment or an entire facility, we have the required skills, experience and equipment to ensure we stay on schedule with minimum down time to operations. We provide heavy machinery relocation and new installations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We also have working agreements with other contractors throughout the world while still maintaining managerial control.

In addition, International offers a full range of overseas export services including quality specialty export packaging, transportation, custom clearance and documentation. Our wide range of services includes plant relocation, jobs that require heavy lifting, shipping items that need to be re-installed, and handling all required permits and paperwork. We own a large fleet of equipment including semis used to safely transport equipment. Our team can also work with freight forwarders and customers to ensure everything is done as efficiently as possible.

Efficient Demolition Services

We’re available to dismantle any project or job you may need. Our complete demolition turn-key removal services also includes scraping and decommissioning. With our dismantling services, we’re able to offer our clients a better credit option. Our scrap metal recycling solutions are critical to properly disposing of existing equipment. For safe and efficient demolition services, look no further than IICC.

Convenient Warehousing Services

We offer short- and long-term storage options to suit your needs. IICC has over 100,000 square-feet of heated storage space to keep even your most valuable machines safe. Our climate-controlled warehousing services allow for minimal dust collection and a lower risk of damage to your equipment. Offloading and reloading from fork trucks to gantry systems is a breeze with IICC. For complete peace of mind, trust us to keep your equipment safe and secure.

Your Industrial Contracting Partner

Allow us to provide critical installation and relocation services for all of your machinery and production systems.

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