Serving a Variety of Markets

For over 60 years, we have built a successful business by focusing on and serving three important markets: assembly plants, powertrain plants and stamping plants.

The variety of industries we serve proudly showcase our versatility. From the automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors to the transportation and beverage markets—we have the solutions to assist our industry partners in every aspect of their industrial contracting needs.


We provide a great number of critical services for the automotive industry. From painting and battery tooling to general assembly services and conveyor work, IICC has spent years engineering the best practices for our clients.

Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer looking for engineering, fabrication or construction solutions. Our team of experts can assist you.

Industrial Manufacturing

Trust our decades of industrial manufacturing services for your next project. We have experience when it comes to installing, servicing and taking down machining lines and conveyors.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and capable of fulfilling all your tooling needs. From automation to robotics, we have the processes you’re looking for.

Transportation & Baggage

Baggage handling conveyors, ASRS, platforms and catwalks are just some of the industrial equipment we install and service for the transportation and baggage industries. We also perform intricate steel installation and takedown services.

Whether you’re in the air, rail, road, pipeline or water sectors, our solutions can fulfill your transportation, handling and warehousing requirements with ease.

Food and Beverage

Fulfilling all of your processing, packaging and distribution equipment needs. When it comes to manufacturing, you don’t want to miss a day of production. Our services allow your manufacturing to stay on-track and efficient as ever.

We know what the food and beverage industry requires. That’s why we’ve perfected our processes to perfectly match their needs.

Food and Beverage Factory

Additional Markets We Serve



Government & Military

Metal Stamping




Power & Energy


Machine Tool



Tire & Rubber



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Allow us to provide critical installation and relocation services for all of your machinery and production systems.

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