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With us, you can count on a full complement of services, including installation, relocation, demolition and due care removals, project management, shipping and warehousing. Delivering a quality project that is safe, on-time, and on-budget is of the utmost importance at International.

We move even the biggest of machinery with ease while being as safe and efficient as possible. The safe installation of your equipment is our top priority.

We keep your company performing at top capacity with our broad range of millwright services. Our team can assist you in repairing your existing equipment or installing new.

We will handle all of your requirements for a complete custom turn-key installation anywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

IICC offers preventative maintenance to keep your operations moving smoothly. These cost-effective solutions provide our clients with routine servicing that keeps their productivity on track.

Steel projects require precision and experience. International delivers just that! We’ll handle the design, fabrication, delivery and installation so you don’t need to worry about it.

We have the construction planning experience to properly execute your shutdown and turnaround requests. From schedules to budgets, we manage every part of the process.

Design Services at IICC

Additional Services

As a leading industrial contracting partner, we have the services to meet your needs. No matter what you require, International can provide solutions on a small or large scale.

The industries we serve are vast and showcase our versatility. At International, we understand that expertise requires focus. For over 60 years, we have built a successful business by focusing on and serving four important markets: automotive, industrial manufacturing, transportation & baggage and food and beverage.


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Versatile Projects

At IICC, we’re proud of the projects we’ve accomplished for our valued clientele. Our customers come to us with vital problems, from moving and lifting heavy machinery to installation of new machines. We research thoroughly to come up with an efficient and cost-effective solution to satisfy all of our customers' requirements.

Project management at IICC

Leading Companies Trust IICC with their Biggest Projects

International Industrial Contracting Corporation specializes in the installation and relocation of manufacturing heavy machinery and equipment such as automotive and manufacturing machinery, conveyors, food processing equipment, generators, press machines, robots and transformers.

To us, safety is of the utmost importance. We commit to providing quality and efficient services, all while maintaining the highest level of safety for all workers involved.

Quality industrial contracting services that are guaranteed to keep your processes moving. We work with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our clients receive only the best solutions at a fraction of the cost and time as compared to our competition.


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