Project Management

Construction Management

IICC has established its reputation by providing competitive pricing and quality workmanship in a safe and timely manner, and meeting the high expectations of our customers. Because of our high standards, the automotive and manufacturing industry considers us to be one of the most capable and reliable companies in our trade. Our management team is responsible for project oversight, coordination and documentation to ensure projects are skillfully completed as specified in the contract documents—all while delivering on-time and safely.

Reliable Estimates

We understand that a cost estimate is often necessary to secure funding and to develop budgets. For this reason, we have developed an estimating process from the planning phases of a proposed project to match an owner’s needs and requirements. This includes cost constraints to establish the project’s overall scope and size expectations. Our team does this by thoroughly reviewing existing conditions, equipment specifications, general scope, manpower loading, schedule and clarifications.

Expert Planning

Our team provides timely review of the project documents ensuring sound construction principles are applied and specification requirements are met. This includes all safety, quality and cost initiatives. Our project managers believe in on-time deliveries, hiring qualified subcontractors and most importantly—good communication between our customers and our management teams. We make sure there is complete transparency so our clients know exactly what’s going on and what stage each project is in.

Precise Scheduling and Monitoring

We provide reliable scheduling techniques to carefully analyze, forecast and update our clients’ projects with the flexibility to monitor and easily adapt to changes. We create a fully developed schedule in MS Project Daily where we carefully track the progress of our projects followed by weekly schedule meetings to ensure everyone is still on the same page and things are going smoothly. Three-week look-ahead meetings always occur in order to review all trades and all tasks assigned.

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