Stellantis (Formerly FCA) WTAP WL and WS Programs


Performed total program installation services including project engineering, structural engineering, material procurement, structural fabrication and installation for facility, tooling and conveyors at both Warren Truck and Detroit 2 Assembly.  Individual contracts were both direct with FCA and through tier 2 suppliers.

Customer Need:

Strong management team to handle both material suppliers / fabricators and union labor force for an extremely aggressive installation schedule made even more challenging by the global pandemic.

Customer Solution:

  • Add more supervision / management and other key personnel to the 2 jobsites to properly manage challenging supply chain and labor issues.
  • Work with local plant safety and corporate safety to devise work protocols to allow work to continue while battling constant threat of a COVID outbreak.

Customer Result:

Program brought in on-time; production schedules met; no major COVID outbreaks at jobsites.

For our new Mack plant, IICC handled Facility installation and worked well with us as new work was added and scope content was finalized. I found their pricing to be fair and equitable.

For our WS program, IICC led an ambitious Demolition and Salvage operation along with numerous civil projects in a massive retool of an older facility.  The projects were completed efficiently and IICC worked well with the numerous other contractors and machine suppliers on the site.


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