Honda Manufacturing of Indiana F-8 Slat Line Modifications


The bulk of this project took place during a Christmas Shutdown in 2020. Our work encompassed the removal of an existing F-8 slat line conveyor and the mechanical installation of a brand-new slat line conveyor. This was an extremely fast-paced project with an aggressive schedule replacing the old slat line conveyor with a brand new one before production could resume after the holiday shutdown. This work had to be performed around the clock working two twelve-hour shifts in order for the installation to be successful and ensure success for both IICC and our customer Honda.

Customer Need:

To partner with a contractor who could facilitate and manage a large project in a short amount of time. Honda’s request was to provide a complete replacement in the allotted time to ensure that production would not be hindered in any way when they came back up and running after the holiday shutdown.

Customer Solution:

International Industrial Contraction Corporation (IICC) self-performed the demolition of the existing F-8 Slat Line conveyor including the drive, take-up, intermediate frames, and chain. Once the demolition was complete IICC then performed the full mechanical installation of a new Daifuku engineered and fabricated Slat Line Conveyor containing a new drive, take-up, intermediate frames, and chain all within a three-week holiday shutdown.

Customer Result:

A successful removal & replacement of Honda’s F-8 Slat Line Conveyor during the scheduled time frame was a major success for Honda, Daifuku, & IICC, and our entire project team. This has opened the door for future work in a facility that we had not worked in before.

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